According to information from a new study, patients who are suffering from paroxysmal atrial fibrillation are more likely to suffer from AF episodes when they imbibe in alcohol. However, this study has not yet found an exact link between the alcohol and arrhythmias.

Dr. Gregory Marcus of the University of California in San Francisco and his colleagues already reported their findings from earlier trials that showed that patients who under 60 years old who drank alcohol on a daily basis had a higher risk of suffering from AF. They also reported that the AF episodes are even more likely to happen with even more alcohol consumption.

Marcus said to heartwire, “It looked like that might be related to a shorter atrial refractory period, which theoretically could have some causal mechanisms related to atrial fibrillation, but there’s been very little research on understanding those mechanisms.

“There’s generally a perception out there that alcohol is good for your heart, but it looks like there’s something going on that’s probably important and could be detrimental electrically, so that’s pertinent to everyone who drinks alcohol,” he continues. “Second, if we could really understand how alcohol triggers atrial fibrillation, we might learn something important about atrial fibrillation itself.”

For now, Marcus believes that answering the questions about alcohol’s link to AF episodes are “ripe for a randomized study.” The study could be focused on whether AF patients have more arrhythmia episodes when they drink alcohol in comparison to the patients that don’t drink. There are a lot of medications that are used to try to stave off AF episodes. One of those medications includes Multaq, which is an anticoagulant. Multaq has been proven to be extremely dangerous. When taking Multaq, patients often develop liver failure and a worsening of their heart conditions, which is why the drug is no longer being prescribed unless all other medications do not work.

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