A man has filed yet another ERISA lawsuit against Standard Insurance Company for long-term disability (LTD) benefits.

The man’s lawsuit states he worked for the Tom James Company until 2008, and that he had participated in a long-term disability policy through the company and administered by Standard Insurance. The lawsuit also specifies that along with insuring the LTD plan, Standard was the only party that would decide whether claims should be paid. Because of that term in the policy, the plaintiff states that the insurance company is the claim administrator and a fiduciary of the plan when it comes to making decisions on whether benefits are payable.

The lawsuit claims that the plaintiff became disabled and could not work anymore and that is when he filed for LTD benefits. After Standard denied his claim, the man appealed the denial and went through all of the right administrative channels, but Standard still refused to approve his claim. The lawsuit alleges that Standard made its decision under a conflict of interest that caused the insurance company to deny the claim. The suit also alleges that the insurance company’s decision wasn’t based on real evidence, because it ignored medical evidence provided by the plaintiff. The suit also accuses Standard of “relying upon biased information and flawed expert opinions.”

This is not the first time that Standard has been sued amid claims of unjustly denying LTD benefits by ignoring evidence to prove disabilities. Insurance companies are constantly battling disability insurance lawsuits filed against because of “bad faith” allegations. If you have had your LTD benefits denied or terminated unjustly, contact LTD lawyer Greg Jones today for a free consultation. I am an experienced LTD insurance lawyer that will fight hard to help you get every dime that you may be entitled to.