Commissioners in Hamilton County are threatening to dump their health care provided by Cigna — before they even start receiving it.

Back in June, the commissioners were worried about whether doctors under the previous Blue Cross Blue Shield plan would be included under Cigna.

“We were told every doctor was grandfathered in. If they are not, I’m ready to make a motion” to end the contract,” said commissioner Fred Skillern.

Skillern also said that he heard that some of the doctors in the Blue Cross plan are not in Cigna’s plan. The senior new business manager of Cigna, Brent Johnson, said that the company tried to make sure that the most of the doctors were, in fact, covered. He said that if some of the doctors weren’t in the plan, Cigna would work with the county to get them in. He stated, “if you say you want them covered, that’s what we’ll do.”

As a way of saving money, Hamilton County decided to go with Cigna instead of Blue Cross for employee health care even after having some concerns about it. The county used Cigna in 2003 but switched companies because so many people complained about the service. Cigna, however, assured Hamilton County commissioners that the only change that would be made for the policyholders would be their health insurance cards.

That is a big promise from a company that has had countless lawsuits filed against it because of bad faith practices. Cigna has been accused of promising one thing and then abruptly making changes without policyholders’ knowledge or consent. The company also has been accused of denying valid disability insurance claims by using misleading tactics and fraudulent in-house doctors.

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