According to information posted online at, jailed James “Whitey” Bulger, a reputed mobster, was hospitalized after he experienced an irregular heartbeat (AF). This is the most recent hospitalization for Bulger, 83, since his capture after nearly two decades on the run.

One of Bulger’s friends, Richard Sunday, stated that he got a letter from Bulger earlier this week that explained that he was hospitalized on Feb. 12 for atrial fibrillation. After doctors released Bulger, he was resent to prison at the Plymouth Country Correctional Facility to wait for his trial. Bulger is charged with participating in as many as 19 murders and is believed to be the leader of the Winter Hill Gang.

In the letter written to Sunday, Bulger wrote: “Exercise is over for me.” Bulger was very heavy into fitness before his incarceration. Prison doesn’t allow much exercise since inmates are locked up for 23 hours a day.

Sunday and Bulger have known each other for decades. The men first met in an Atlanta federal prison and also spent time in Alcatraz in California during the 1950s and 1960s. Sunday has stated that he worries about his friend’s health and that he hopes Bulger will be treated fairly in prison.

“A lot of people figure whatever they’re doing to him, well, he’s got it coming. But if you want justice, you have to give justice,” he said. “You don’t lock him up in a solitary condition and give him cold food, nobody to talk to.”

However, Sunday’s fears appear to be unfounded. Bulger’s attorney told the Boston Globe that “officials at the Plymouth prison have been ‘very professional’ and responsive to Bulger during his pretrial detainment.” Bulger’s trial is scheduled to begin on June 6.

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