A trip to Disneyland after celebrating a basketball championship win quickly went from happy to tragic, when a young man wound up in the hospital after suffering from an aneurism on the plane that quickly developed into Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

Michael Windley is an 18-year-old senior and basketball player from Columbus, Georgia. Windley had always wanted to visit California. After winning a basketball championship, he was finally getting his wish. The team decided to celebrate its victory by taking a trip to Disneyland and, sadly, that is where the story starts to get tragic for Windley and his mother.

“He got on the flight, I was waving to him and I’m thinking ‘Yay! Look at my baby — he’s taking a flight by himself with his friends.’ He never made it to Disneyland.” Windley’s mother Nanette said.

While still on the plane, Windley suffered from an aneurism. Shortly after that, the teen was taken to the intensive care unit at Stanford Hospital. While there, the boy had to have two open heart surgeries, and that’s when the complications started.

After the surgeries, his mother complained to his doctors.

“I don’t know how this happened, but my son is burning inside out,” she said. “He’s burning constantly, his skin is peeling constantly. He doesn’t look like my son at all.”

That is when Nanette was told that her son had developed Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Since the diagnosis, Windley has blisters all over his body and has lost all sight in his eyes. To make matters worse for Nanette, she can’t afford to the transportation to and from the hospital, lodging and food. The doctors at Stanford hospital told Nanette that they can’t provide the proper treatment for the boy either since the hospital is not equipped with a proper burn unit to treat the boy’s loss of skin.

The hospital did try to have the boy sent to Berkeley’s burn unit, but the hospital wouldn’t take him because he isn’t from California. However, all is not completely lost for Nanette and her son. Crystal Finau, a woman visiting her father-in-law in the same hospital who was touched by the young man’s struggles, has offered to help the family by opening up a trust fund.

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