A Boswell woman who suffered a brain injury is suing her life insurance company, claiming that it handled her case in bad faith when the company wrongly denied her long term disability claim.

Susan Harris filed her disability insurance civil lawsuit against major insurer Unum Life Insurance Co. in U.S. District Court in Johnstown. Harris’ lawsuit claims that Unum practiced bad faith by making unreasonable demands of her and dragging the investigation on her claim.

According to her lawsuit, Harris has suffered from a disability since 2001 and hasn’t been able to work as a result of it. As part of her condition, Harris experiences short term memory loss and even gets Social Security Disability benefits from an employer. However, this employer is also the administrator for her insurance plan. (The employer is also a defendant in this case.) Generally, when a person is approved for SSD benefits, they are almost assured approval for LTD insurance. That didn’t happen for Susan Harris.

As part of her disability insurance lawsuit complaint, Harris says that Unum wanted Harris to agree to have an independent medical examiner look at her, but they wanted the exam to take place in Pittsburgh. She also claims that Unum would not allow her to take a neurologist along with her to exam so that the neurologist could back up her claim. Harris is suing for Unum to pay her the disability insurance benefits as well as the interest dating back to when she was first eligible all the way to the moment the judgment is made in her favor.

Susan Harris was smart in filing a lawsuit to help her get the money that she is entitled to. If you have been unfairly denied for LTD insurance benefits, let Greg Jones help you file your disability insurance lawsuit. I will work hard to get you every dime that you deserve. Call now for a free consultation. Insurance companies like Unused have lawyers working hard on their side, and so should you.