Have You Developed Cancer After Using a Dabur Product?

Dabur India Limited is being sued by consumers across the U.S. and Canada for allegedly selling cancer-causing hair relaxer products. If you have developed uterine, ovarian, or breast cancer after you’ve used a Dabur hair relaxer product, arrange now to speak to a national product liability lawyer about your rights.

Several of Dabur’s subsidiaries are now facing product liability claims which allege that the company’s hair relaxer products cause uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, and other serious medical conditions. Dabur insists on the safety of its products.

More than five thousand product liability claims have been filed against Dabur’s subsidiaries in provincial, state, and federal courts in Canada and the United States. Those subsidiaries are Namaste Laboratories, Dermoviva Skin Essentials, and Dabur International Limited.

What is the Status of the Product Liability Claims Against Dabur?

In 2022, lawyers for the consumers who are bringing hair relaxer cancer lawsuits filed a motion with the federal Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (MDL). That motion sought to merge the hair relaxer claims against Dabur and other defendants into a single MDL federal lawsuit.

In February 2023, the Multidistrict Litigation Panel agreed that there should be a single hair relaxer MDL lawsuit. The Panel issued an order that merges all federal hair relaxer cancer claims into a single lawsuit in the Northern District of Illinois.

The multidistrict litigation now includes a number of plaintiffs who claim they developed cancer after using Dabur’s hair relaxer products. As of October 2023, the number of pending claims in the hair relaxer MDL lawsuit had surpassed five thousand.

MDL and class action lawsuits are complicated and require thoughtful legal consideration with the guidance of an experienced product liability lawyer. If you have developed cancer after using a Dabur hair relaxer product, you may be able to join the MDL lawsuit, and you may be able to recover substantial compensation, but you need to contact a product liability lawyer at once.

What Does the Research Tell Us?

The claims filed against Dabur cite as evidence a study conducted by the National Institute of Health in 2022. The study of over 30,000 women indicated that the women who use hair relaxer products are diagnosed with uterine cancer at three times the rate of women who do not.

Over-the-counter hair relaxer products contain a variety of dangerous carcinogenic chemicals: phthalates, bisphenol-A, parabens, and formaldehyde. ORS Olive Oil, for example, is one of Dabur’s leading hair care brands, and it is marketed as a harmless hair relaxer that is enhanced with natural olive oil.

However, ORS Olive Oil also contains endocrine-disrupting chemicals that raise the risk for serious health conditions including ovarian and uterine cancer. Other hair relaxer products manufactured by Dabur include ORS Hair Care, Curls Unleashed, and HAIRepair.

What Should Consumers Know About Uterine Cancer?

More than ninety percent of uterine cancer patients survive when the cancer is detected early, but when uterine cancer has progressed beyond the uterus, only about one in five patients survive. Sadly, however, in some cases, uterine cancer cannot be detected in the early stages.

For some patients, there may be no indication that uterine cancer has developed until it reaches its final stages. When uterine cancer has been detected, a hysterectomy is the standard treatment. For some uterine cancer patients, a doctor may also order radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

When the signs of uterine cancer finally emerge, those signs may include pain while urinating, abdominal discomfort, pain during intercourse, and post-menopausal bleeding or bleeding between menstrual periods.

Who’s at Risk?

Several research studies have indicated that the women who use hair relaxer products are more likely to develop ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and uterine cancer than the women who do not use these products.

According to the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, black women are at the highest risk for – and are disproportionately diagnosed with – uterine and endometrial cancers.

In October 2023, Boston University’s Black Women’s Health Study released the results of a study of nearly 60,000 black women. Women who regularly use chemical hair relaxers, the study found, have a substantially higher rate of uterine cancer.

If you have used a hair relaxer product manufactured by a subsidiary of Dabur, and if you have subsequently developed cancer, make the call now to schedule an in-depth evaluation of your case with a national product liability attorney.

How Does the Product Liability Process Work?

If you have developed cancer after using a Dabur product, you should be represented by an attorney who is familiar with the ongoing MDL proceeding and has previously handled similar product liability claims. If your claim against Dabur prevails, you may be compensated for:

  1. current and projected cancer-related medical expenses
  2. lost wages and projected future lost wages
  3. suffering, personal pain, and related damages and losses

A national product liability attorney will scrutinize your medical test results and records to determine if you qualify to file a claim. If you are unable to work, or if you are struggling with financial hardship, do not let monetary concerns stop you from seeking justice.

How Will Your Case Be Resolved?

Product liability lawyers represent clients on a contingent fee basis. If you proceed with a claim against Dabur, you will owe no lawyer’s fee in advance and no fee unless and until you are compensated. If you are not compensated for any reason, you will owe your lawyer no fee.

Few firms or lawyers have the experience or resources necessary to prevail with claims against international corporations like Dabur. However, your own attorney should have considerable experience representing clients who are bringing product liability claims.

Greg Jones Law Represents Cancer Victims Across the U.S.

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