A physician’s disability insurance claim against Standard Insurance Company got a boost when the federal judge in the case ruled in favor of the plaintiff’s claims that his disability insurance benefits were unfairly terminated after two years.

The doctor filed his disability insurance claim because he was suffering from migraine headaches and depression. The man’s claim was initially approved and he received disability insurance benefits for 24 months before his claim was terminated. Standard Insurance terminated the benefits, claiming it had grounds because the benefits period was limited due to the nature of the man’s conditions.

The court agreed with the doctor’s assertion of how debilitating and disabling the migraines alone were. It ruled that imposing a limitation on the benefits in this case was improper. The defendants in the case, Standard Insurance, did manage to make some compelling arguments on its own behalf. One of those arguments was that the treating doctors’ opinions should be ignored on the grounds that the they were predisposed to support the plaintiff’s claims of a disability.

This decision might be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to future disability insurance benefits claims. It may be that this decision could prevent insurance companies from imposing disability insurance benefits limitations to policy holders with mental and nervous disorders. While this decision has been long overdue, it is hoped that it will set the precedent in future disability insurance claims cases.

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