According to a new post hoc analysis of two clinical trials, ONTARGET and TRANSCEND, that were published online February 27, 2012 in CMAJ, atrial fibrillation (AF) has been proven to be associated with an increased risk of cognitive and functional decline. The study shows that this occurs whether or not if the AF patients have suffered from a stroke.

“Our results demonstrate an association between atrial fibrillation at baseline or during the relatively short follow-up of five years and very strong outcomes: new dementia, the need for help in performing daily activities, and admission to long-term care facilities. We are talking about a major loss of independence, which is clearly evident and also present in those patients who did not have any episode of stroke,” lead author Dr. Irene Marzona of the Mario Negri Research Institute for Pharmacological Research, Milan, Italy, told reporters.

“This is the first time this has been shown clearly in a prospective study,” she added.

These results show that measures of cognitive loss should be viewed as end points in the current clinical trial on AF trials that moving forward. The actual results of the trial show that there is a “50 percent increase in admission to long-term care facilities in those with AF.”

Research on AF is constantly taking place since medications to treat the condition are becoming just as dangerous as the condition itself. While catheter ablation is widely viewed as a safer alternative to medications like Multaq, many patients are just not opting for it, even if their conditions qualify them. Some of the side effects linked to Multaq use include liver failure and even a worsening of the heart condition. Some patients taking Multaq have died. Because of the dangers linked to Multaq, most doctors won’t prescribe the drug unless other drugs aren’t working.

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