If you are an epileptic and are planning on watching the latest movie in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, you should know that some doctors are concerned now that some people have suffered from seizures after watching a specific scene.

According to recent reports, the birthing scene in the movie, has caused people to suffer from in-theater seizures which can be caused by what is commonly referred to as photosensitive epilepsy. Right now it is believed that the bright flashing red and black colors in the scene are what is causing the seizures.

“It’s like a light going off because it hits your brain all at once,” Dr. Michael G. Chez says. “The trouble with theaters is that they’re so dark, the light flashing in there is more like a strobe light.”

One recent victim, Brandon Gephart, suffered from a seizure while watching the movies with his wife. When he spoke to ABC News, he said that he started “convulsing, snorting, [and] trying to breathe,” as he was watching the movie last week. While Gephart says that he can’t recall having the seizure, he did awaken on the floor of the theatre before he was taken to the hospital by the paramedics.

Gephart wasn’t the only victim of Twilight seizures. There have been other incidents of it as well, and they have been happening all over the United States. A woman in Utah has said that her husband “started mumbling and he was blinking on and off with his eyes at that point. I was kneeling in front of him slapping his face.”

That couple has said that when they went back to the theater the next day, they heard that the same thing happened to another girl in the same movieplex. With all of the anti-seizure medicine on the market today, you would assume that these types of seizures wouldn’t occur. Of course, one of those medications is Topamax, which is a danger all its own as studies have shown that the drug causes birth defects in babies born to mothers who take it while pregnant. Some of the birth defects include cleft palate, PPHN and neural tube defects.

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