With epilepsy being one of the fastest-growing conditions in the world, it would be expected that medications would be made by now that can help prevent the debilitating seizures that can prove fatal for so many patients. Numerous drugs have been on the market for years to prevent seizures, and one of them is Valproate. While popular, Valproate has proven to be very dangerous. In fact, recently the FDA decided to issue a warning against the drug by claiming that the drug can cause lower IQ scores in kids whose mothers take the pills while pregnant.

Valproate, which also can be used to treat migraine headaches, in various forms has been proven to be dangerous to babies when exposed in utero. Babies exposed to Valproate can be born with various birth defects in addition to the lower IQ scores mentioned in the FDA’s warning.

“Valproate medications should never be used in pregnant women for the prevention of migraine headaches because we have even more data now that show the risks to the children outweigh any treatment benefits for this use,” said Dr. Russell Katz, director of the Division of Neurology Products in the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

The FDA stated that “women taking Valproate products for these conditions [epilepsy, migraines] should only take the drug if other medications don’t work. Women who can get pregnant should only use Valproate products if absolutely necessary.” A new safety communication that was issued by the FDA this week stated that “all non-pregnant women of childbearing age taking Valproate products should use effective birth control.”

Valproate is not the only epilepsy drug to go under fire for causing birth defects. Topamax is another anti-seizure medication that has been linked to various birth defects in babies born to mothers who take the pills while pregnant. Those birth defects include PPHN, spina bifida, neural tube defects and heart, lung and brain defects. While Topamax is a popular medication, it remains unsafe for pregnant women and women who are thinking of becoming pregnant.

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