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Young children who have previously taken Neocate baby formula have been found to suffer from severe health problems such as rickets, skeletal deformities and broken bones. This is partly due to the nutritional inadequacy of Neocate baby formulas that are marketed to provide “complete” supplementary nutrition. A published study done by the journal Bone identifies hypophosphatemia (low blood phosphate levels) as the cause of the broken bones. In even some more severe cases, children and babies have suffered long-term skeletal damage.

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In 2017, Yale researchers conducted a study to investigate unexplained hypophosphatemia in children. The results showed that children who were switched from Neocate to an alternative source of nutrition immediately saw improved levels of calcium and phosphate and eventual improvement in skeletal development.

Neocate Baby Formulas are a line of elemental formulas, also known as amino acid formulas that are prescribed to infants and children who are unable to tolerate cows-milk or soy formulas. These products are marketed in the United by Nutricia while it is sold internationally by Groupe Danone which reported earnings of over $28 billion in 2017. Nutricia was informed of the side effects of Neocate Baby Formula that were occurring. They created a panel to investigate the issue which resulted in a new and improved line of Neocate products to remedy the low phosphorus levels. Even with this though, they still failed to warn customers.

Neocate’s Baby Formula Issues

Many angry parents, caretakers and physicians are now demanding that they receive answers from the company about the mis-marketing of the Baby Formula line. These products were still being sold and marketed as being “nutritionally complete” even as the products were under investigation for their nutritional makeup. Parents and caretakers put trust in baby formulas that they provide to their children and expect the products to be nutritionally sound especially if they are being marketed that way.

In addition, parents are asking why no public warning was ever issued? If your child has suffered from any of the serious side effects of taking Neocate Baby Formula, , you may have grounds to file a lawsuit. We believe families whose child suffered from the side effects caused by the line on Baby Formula products may be eligible for significant compensation for the damage, pain and associated expenses.

Neocate Baby Formula Lawsuit Information

Families of children who have taken the Neocate Baby Formula and suffered injuries such as broken bones, rickets, and skeletal deformities may be entitled to compensation by filling a lawsuit against the makers of the baby formula. Greg Jones Law has helped clients forced companies to take responsibility for the unsafe products they marketed and distributed.

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