According to information found in a new study that was recently published in the European Journal of Paediatric Neurology, teachers in Europe are afraid to give students emergency epilepsy medications for fear of being sued.

While it can be dangerous for an epileptic to have to wait for medical services to arrive before being given their medications, teachers are too afraid to do anything other than wait, the study finds. This is especially true in cases where the epileptic requires the fast-acting rectal diazepam. Teachers are very afraid to administer the rectal diazepam, the researchers claim, out of “fear of liability.”

Researchers stated that “In the UK, some of the teachers’ unions make direct reference to rectal diazepam in their position papers on the administration of medicines, stating that teachers should be particularly wary of volunteering to administer medicines to children in cases where ‘intimate contact’ with the pupil is necessary.”

The authors of the study, who all work at different institutions around Europe, have stated that awareness and understanding of epilepsy in schools still remains poor. This could bode badly for the poor students who experience a seizure, but it may just provide school boards with the right argument needed in order for funding to be made available that will allow trained medical staff to be hired in schools, or at least to provide the teaching staff with proper training in treating epileptic students.

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