According to a new UK study that was conducted by the organization Young Epilepsy, most people have no clue what to do if someone around them has a seizure. In fact, the study showed that while two-thirds of the UK population say they would try to help a person suffering from a seizure, most also admit that they have no idea how.

This information may have contributed to Young Epilepsy’s new campaign launch, entitled “Everyone Knows Someone.” During the study, researchers learned that 1 in 8 people surveyed stated that they would put a ruler or spoon in an epileptic’s mouth during a seizure to prevent them from biting their tongue. However, doing that may cause the patient to choke, which is why that is not recommended.

The study also showed that less than half of the people surveyed would think to protect the epileptics’ head, which could actually save their life. These answers and others is what prompted Young Epilepsy to launch the campaign, which is sponsored by fashion giant River Island. The campaign is hoping to raise awareness of epilepsy in the UK.

“A little knowledge goes a long way and ultimately can save a person’s life,” says David Ford, chief executive at Young Epilepsy. “Around 1,000 people die each year from epilepsy; we hope that this campaign will help to reduce this number. Young Epilepsy aims to make more people aware of the simple things that they could do to support someone in the event of a seizure and it’s really great that River Island has got behind our work. With around 1 in 100 people living with epilepsy, the chances are you do know someone, but you might just not be aware of it. I’d encourage everyone to get involved and become more epilepsy aware.”

Epilepsy awareness is becoming a popular topic all over the world as more and more people are being diagnosed with the condition. Often, epilepsy is treated with prescription medications like Topamax (which is linked to babies being born with birth defects including PPHN, oral clefts, spina bifida and neural tube defects when the mothers take the pills while pregnant). Topamax use is often dangerous because doctors have to guess which dosage to use on patients in order to find the right one.

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