A Brea high school basketball team, the Ladycats, are dedicating their playoff run this season to a fellow teammate that battled Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) recently.

Chanelle Di Croce developed Stevens-Johnson syndrome after taking an unnamed medication. The 16 year old quickly developed a fever and blisters all over her body within 24 hours of taking the medication. The girl was taken to the emergency room twice and saw her doctor before she was admitted to the Grossman Burn Center in Los Angeles. At the time, her mother says that Chanelle even had blisters on the balls of her feet that made it near impossible to walk.

Chanelle had to undergo surgery on Feb.11 that required doctors to take the top layer of her skin from her entire body with the exception of her hands. The following two-day wait period was the most critical time after the surgery as doctors said that there was a chance that her blisters could come back. Three weeks have passed since then and the girl is on the road to recovery, but she still has some blisters. The girl is expected to recover fully from her condition.

The girl’s mother said, “The scariest thing is to see how fast this took her down.” The mother also says that the girl will likely miss another month of school. While Chanelle is in good spirits after her recovery from Stevens-Johnson syndrome, she is not happy about not being to play basketball. Her teammates have kept in touch with Chanelle and even dedicated their playoff run to her. Even opposing teams and coaches have posted texts, emails and letters for Chanelle on the website Chanelle’s mother set up for her that keeps everyone updated on the girl’s condition.

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