You may have never imagined that something as simple as taking medication could lead to a life-threatening condition like Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS). But here you are, grappling to find the right doctors and treatment centers to help a loved one – or yourself – cope with the painful effects of this rare disorder. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This guide will provide you with a comprehensive list of burn centers across California equipped to treat SJS. You’ll find contact information and locations for each facility, along with additional resources to help you get the medical care and legal support you need during this difficult time. Keep reading to learn about the top centers in California and how attorney Greg Jones can help your pursuit of justice if negligence plays a role in your SJS diagnosis. You and your loved ones don’t have to navigate this journey alone.

Understanding Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) Causes

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with SJS, knowing what caused it can help you avoid triggers in the future. The most common causes are adverse reactions to medications, especially anti-seizure drugs.

Some over-the-counter pain relievers and antibiotics have also been linked to SJS. Once diagnosed, see a doctor right away for treatment and inquire about any medications you’re on. They may need to be stopped or switched to avoid complications.

Greg Jones is a lawyer who passionately represents people suffering from SJS in California. Our firm has helped clients get compensation for the negligence that led to their SJS. If you believe medication or medical error caused your SJS, we may be able to get justice for you.

Does Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) Ever Go Away?

Unfortunately, the damage caused by SJS is typically permanent. However, the good news is that once the rash and blisters clear up, the risk of complications decreases significantly. The key is getting treatment right away to minimize long-term issues.

In California, there are several top-rated burn centers equipped to treat SJS. For example, the Bothin Burn Center in San Francisco, the Torrance Memorial Medical Center, and the LAC+USC Medical Center in Los Angeles. Their websites have details on the specialized care they provide for SJS patients.

Even after recovery, you may need additional surgeries for scarring or vision problems. You should also see SJS specialists regularly to monitor your condition. The road ahead won’t be easy, but with the support of doctors and the advocacy of lawyers like Greg Jones, who passionately help SJS victims get compensation, you can find ways to move forward positively.

Available Treatments for Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS)

Hospitals that have burn centers employ multidisciplinary medical teams to provide supportive care for SJS complications like skin lesions, eye issues, and organ damage. Treatment may include IV fluids, wound care, eye lubricants, antihistamines, corticosteroids, and other immune suppressants. Hospitalization typically lasts 2-6 weeks. Ongoing follow-up care and physical therapy are often needed for months after.

Finding Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) Treatment Centers in California

Burn Centers in California

Some of the top burn centers in California that treat SJS include:

These centers have specialized wound and burn care units with experience treating SJS. Don’t delay in getting treatment, as early medical intervention is critical.

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) Survival Rate Statistics

Many people who suffer from SJS will overcome the acute phase, but recovery can take weeks or months. According to studies, the mortality rate for SJS is usually between 5 to 15 percent. The chances of survival increase dramatically when patients receive passionate, proper, and prompt treatment, especially wound and burn care, at specialized facilities.

Getting Legal Help for Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) Cases

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injury from SJS, you may want to consider taking legal action. Greg Jones Law is a nationally recognized law firm that passionately defends SJS cases. We have successfully represented SJS victims and their families in lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies and product manufacturers. You can get a free case evaluation to determine if you have grounds for a lawsuit. We are advocates for SJS victims.


Hopefully, you now have a grasp of the top burn centers and resources available for SJS patients here in California. Reach out to any of these facilities for SJS care. And if you or a loved one has suffered harm from SJS, be sure to contact Greg Jones Law as you may be entitled to compensation. We’re passionate about getting justice for SJS victims. With our help, you can get the legal representation you deserve.