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GDoctors Suspect Kelly Osborne may Suffer from Epilepsy

According to a report posted by the celebrity news site TMZ, doctors are under the suspicion that Kelly Osbourne may suffer from epilepsy. The posting is caused by a recent reports that the reality star had a seizure after she collapsed on the set of Fashion Police.

Osbourne was hospitalized after having the seizure on March 8, 2013. Some sources suggest that the seizure was a lot more serious than it was first believed. So far, doctors are still doing tests to determine just what happened, and Osbourne is expected to stay in the hospital for that time. For now, doctors suspect that the reality star is an epileptic, but the test results will have to come in before anything is confirmed. Still, the seizure could be an isolated incident. For the time being, doctors are giving Osbourne anti-seizure medication to help prevent another occurrence.

While there is no knowledge of which anti-seizure medication Osbourne is taking, one medication used to prevent seizures is Topamax. These pills have been linked to serious side effects which include PPHN, oral clefts and spina bifida as well as heart, lung, brain and neural tube defects. This could bode poorly for Osbourne, who is of childbearing age and should not be given Topamax if she is found to be epileptic and in need of a permanent group of drugs to control her seizures. While other prescription medications are given to epileptics to prevent seizures, all of them have their own complications and risks, but Topamax can be the most destructive. With doctors having to often guess at which dosages are even safe for the patients to use, the chances for any complications to babies increases even more.

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