If you are under the impression that a doctor prescribes you medications with only your illness or condition in mind, you may be shocked to learn that this may not actually be the case with some doctors. According to a new database that was created by a nonprofit investigative organization ProPublica, upwards of $761.3 million in disclosed payments to doctors have been made all over the country by at least 12 different drug companies, including Johnson & Johnson, the makers of Topamax.

This information is based on a time period beginning in 2009 until this year. Some of the drug companies involved in the payments have agreed to report them publicly now that they have been forced to pay out millions in lawsuit settlements that allege they’ve been influencing doctors to prescribe their drugs. Some of the doctors are even prescribing these drugs for off-label uses.

As a part of a new health care reform law, all of the drug companies will be forced to report payments made to doctors by 2013. As for these kickbacks, Johnson & Johnson, the makers of Topamax, has been reported by ProPublica to have paid doctors in Oregon, for instance, $116,644 to get Topamax prescribed more. It’s not the first time that the drug giant has been accused of offering kickbacks, either. They were charged with paying millions in kickbacks to nursing homes to push their Alzheimer’s medication last year.

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