According to a recent issue of Leagle Inc., a lawsuit filed against Unum by a urologist amid claims that the insurer refused to pay benefits for 14 years has finally been resolved, with the plaintiff being awarded just under $1.5 million.

Way back in 1996, the self-titled “Urologic Surgeon-Urologist,” a long-term disability policyholder with Unum, filed a claim for benefits when he started having pains in his ankle that prevented him from being able to stand for long periods of time. His claim stated that because of this, he could no longer perform open urologic surgeries. His claim was quickly denied by Unum and the man decided to sue.

The case wasn’t an easy one to settle; it eventually took more than a decade for a verdict to be reached. But the jury eventually sided with the plaintiff, saying he deserved residual disability benefits covering the time period from October 1, 1996 to December 1, 2004. The monies awarded represented what the jury believed were funds that were already paid into the policy by the plaintiff. The plaintiff was also granted interest on those funds.

Unum tried many times to get a new trial. The company also tried to get a mistrial declaration, but they were denied that as well. Unum and its subsidiaries have been under fire lately and fighting against various claims of the companies practicing in bad faith. They have been accused of denying legitimate claims and a wealth of other misdeeds including acting in the best interest of shareholders instead of policyholders by denying claims, changing policies without informing policyholders and even hiring in-house medical examiners to refute claims.

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