Yet another disgruntled policyholder under Unum is suing the Unum Group Corporation for denial of his disability insurance benefits. This time, the plaintiff held his plan through his job at First Tennessee Bank in Memphis.

Lamont Phillip Richardson applied for disability insurance benefits in May of 2008. His initial application was approved and he received benefits until Unum terminated his benefits in June 15, 2010. Then from June 16th 2010 to September 15th 2010, Richardson was paid “extra-contractual benefits” by Unum.

Richardson eventually claimed he was unfairly denied his long-term disability benefits request despite him providing Unum with more medical documentation when he appealed the decision. His lawsuit also claimed that on November 10th 2010, he was deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration (SSA), but this didn’t stop Unum from upholding its earlier choice to deny Richardson LTD benefits.

Richardson’s claims that Unum improperly denied his benefits stems from the fact that he says Unum wouldn’t give proper credence to the SSA’s previous determination that Richardson was, in fact, disabled. He’s also alleging that Unum disregarded his doctors’ medical opinions arbitrarily and instead listened to their own in-house medical examiners, who never even examined him. Richardson is seeking compensation from Unum for the following: damages, unpaid benefits, pre- and post-judgment interest, attorney’s fees and whatever else the judge deems fit to offer.

Unum is experiencing a great deal of unfair denials claims lawsuits filed against them in the past few months. The insurer has often been accused of bad faith practices when it comes to investigating and denying disability insurance benefits to policy holders. Using in-house medical examiners is a common complaint, among many others.

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