For those people who aren’t aware, November is epilepsy awareness month. In honor of this special occasion, a number of epilepsy advocates will be hosting various functions all across the country. One of them is the global biopharmaceutical company UCB Inc., which is calling on its epilepsy advocates to “start a revolution.” The revolution is going to help inspire people whose lives have been impacted by epilepsy to speak out about the condition, according to company sources.

UCB is rolling out a variety of initiatives, including launching a nationwide grassroots campaign called “Army of Advocates” as well as two new Epilepsy Advocate Radio shows. The shows will feature a representative from HealthyWomen — the nation’s leading independent health information network for women — to raise awareness about epilepsy, which affects three million people in the U.S. alone.

“By ‘starting a revolution,’ individuals within the epilepsy community should be empowered to share the challenges and triumphs they have experienced with epilepsy with the hope of changing the way the condition is perceived,” Sue Curro, vice president of UCB Patient Solutions, says. “Epilepsy has historically been a misunderstood and stigmatized condition, for which there is currently no cure. It is UCB’s mission to educate the broader population on the impacts of epilepsy, and Epilepsy Awareness Month is a great time to motivate and encourage the community to come together through grassroots efforts and social media to spread the word.”

All through November, UCB will be using its “Army of Advocates,” which consists of more than 60 people all over the United States, to champion epilepsy awareness. The advocates are hoping to get people who are living with epilepsy to participate and do the same thing. The advocates are also going to spend time talking to various media outlets and using social media to help get their message across.

Epilepsy affects Americans of all age groups and can have a damaging effect on a person’s quality of life. There are various medications that are used to help treat seizures associated with epilepsy, including Topamax. Topamax has been linked to birth defects in the babies of pregnant women who use the drug.

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