With another November upon us, one city is really embracing the spirit of epilepsy month, which was established by the Epilepsy Foundation. Philadelphia is doing its part to help raise awareness of epilepsy and to help find a cure by lighting the sky purple and having posters put up on SEPTA’s Regional Rail System.

As part of its lighting initiative, the Epilepsy Foundation for Eastern Pennsylvania (EFEPA) is going to take advantage of social media to spread the word about epilepsy to as many people as possible. They are also planning to host numerous fundraisers that will bring money to the researchers in an effort to find a cure for the condition — one that nearly 3 million Americans suffer from. The buildings that will be lit in purple are each under a specific schedule. According to the website of the Legal Examiner, you can view the buildings as follows:

One Liberty Place – all month
Two Liberty Place – all month
Ben Franklin Bridge – Nov 21- 30
Cira Center – various days throughout the month
National Constitution Center – all month
PECO Lights – Nov. 14-16
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine – all month
Philadelphia Inquirer Building – all month
Police Headquarters – all month
Strawberry Mansion Bridge – last two weeks of the month

If you are interested in getting information about the social media campaigns and the fundraisers’ schedules and locations, you can view the EFEPA website here. The website will be updated regularly so that the site’s visitors will be able to stay informed about all events that will be taking place throughout the month of November.

Even with the overwhelming number of people worldwide who suffer from epilepsy, many people know little to nothing about the condition until either they, or their family members are diagnosed with the condition. Much research still has to be done in order to assist doctors in finding faster methods of diagnosing epilepsy and in developing safer and more effective drug treatments to combat the seizures that can be debilitating to live with. Current anti-seizure medications like Topamax may be effective, but they come with serious side effects, too. Topamax has been linked to birth defects in babies whose mothers take Topamax while pregnant. Some of the birth defects linked to Topamax use include oral clefts, PPHN, spina bifida and neural tube defects.

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