A man that has been blind since 1972 after being diagnosed with Stevens Johnson syndrome has finally seen his wife and children for the first time, thanks to an experimental surgery.

In an interview with Jenny Hulme that was posted on the Guardian.co.uk, a man tells how he contracted Stevens Johnson syndrome after falling into some nettles that gave him a rash. When his doctor prescribed some pills, (that are not named) his rash quickly spread, turning into Stevens Johnson syndrome (SJS). He says that it was touch and go there for a while on whether or not he’d survive.

The man said that his symptoms caused his tear ducts to stop working. This caused his corneas to stop working as well. No amount of treatment by the physicians seemed to help the man, who was only 10 at the time. By the time he turned 14, he was completely blind as a result of his Stevens Johnson syndrome. His parents sent him to the Royal National college for the blind, where the school taught him to be independent.

The man met his wife, Gurjeet through an arranged marriage and they were married for 10 years when an optician told him about an experimental surgery that might bring his vision back. The surgery worked, and as soon as his bandages were removed from his eyes and his wife and kids came into the room, he said “they were just as I had pictured in my mind. So familiar. I will never forget that moment. I can see you,” he said to his family. “I can see for miles.”

Stevens Johnson syndrome happens because of an adverse allergic reaction to certain medications. It is painful and, like the man in this story, blindness can be a permanent side effect for sufferers. Other symptoms of SJS include: a rash that spreads, blisters on the mucus membranes, painful blisters in the eyes, nose, mouth and genitals. You can also lose as much as 70% of your skin as the condition causes skin to peel off the body.

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