A Missouri family recently found itself deep in debt after the daughter’s medical costs reached more than $350,000. The family did not have insurance.

The girl, Kaitlyn Fletcher, 14, was diagnosed with the Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) after she suffered tremendously from blisters on her mouth that were so painful she couldn’t eat even if she had a feeding tube at the hospital. Because of this the girl eventually had to be fed intravenously. While the girl is in recovery from SJS now, she still suffers from some of the side effects of SJS like headaches. The girl’s fingernails are breaking off, as well.

Right now the cause of Kaitlyn’s SJS is still unknown. Her mother, Laurie Fletcher, has stated, “The only medicine she took was Pepto-Bismol. I don’t think we’ll ever pinpoint what triggered it.” Since the family doesn’t have any insurance, they are in the process of trying to apply for a disability insurance program that could help them offset the large sum of money that they owe due to the girl’s medical costs.

While this kind of debt is common when a family member suffers in a hospital for any length of time, SJS cases like the Fletchers’ shouldn’t happen. This family suffered enough watching their daughter in that much pain and the debts that arose because of her SJS have taken away some of the joy they had in seeing Kaitlyn recover. That is why I have made Stevens Johnson Syndrome cases like this my primary focus.

A lot of families don’t have disability insurance, or find that their disability insurance claims get denied, and I am here to help. The Fletchers are just one specific case. If you or someone you love has suffered from SJS and need help covering your medical costs, I can work to make sure that your disability insurance claim is not denied.