Truvada Litigation Attorneys | Information on Truvada and Severe Side Effects

Truvada is a popular HIV medication used in conjunction with other drugs to help control the virus. It is a mixture of tenofovir and emtricitabine that is prescribed in combination with other therapies for HIV treatment. Truvada decreases the level of the virus present in the body and bolsters the immune system of the patient. In the past few years though, Truvada has been associated with serious side effects such as bone fractures, kidney failure, and lactic acidosis. Patients who have used Truvada in the past and suffered from the serious effects have begun to file lawsuits against the California based drug manufacturer, Gilead Sciences Inc.

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Research has indicated that users of Truvada are more likely to experience issues with kidney failure and broken bones than other patients who are also HIV positive. More specifically, it was found that the Bone Mineral Density declined anywhere from 2-6% after taking Truvada for 2 years. Another study performed at the University of California at San Francisco found that Truvada increases the risk for proteinuria. Proteinuria is when the protein levels in the patient’s urine are abnormally high leading to a decline in the kidney function, chronic kidney disease, and even kidney failure.


Allegations have been made against Gilead executives stating that they were actually in possession of a safer antiretroviral which was known as TAF or tenofovir alafenamide. Subsequently though, Gilead halted development of TAF throughout the early 2000’s until 2010 as an alleged strategic move to prolong their patent on tenofovir drugs in order to protect its stranglehold on the market. By causing this delay, Gilead extended its patent and potential market dominance until 2032. Experts in the field say that 10 years of bone density problems and kidney failures could have been avoided by releasing TAF when it was initially developed. During this period, the FDA sent Gilead multiple warning letters regarding the marketing of the drug as safe and the failure of mentioning the associated health risks.

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