In the wake of many disability insurance claims lawsuits being filed against Unum Provident, the company’s track record begins to be an important factor. According to records, Unum Provident has two decades’ worth of potential bad faith disability insurance claim denials behind them. Unum Provident — as well as its subsidiary companies, including Provident Life, The Paul Revere Life Insurance Company and Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company — has had various lawsuits filed against it for denying valid disability claims illegally.

Unum is the most popular disability insurance company in the U.S. and currently holds approximately 17 million policies for as many Americans. But many of these policyholders are being forced to file lawsuits in order to receive the compensation that they are already legally entitled to. In fact, Unum Provident and its subsidiary companies have been accused of practicing in bad faith with their policy holders.

Some of the bad faith practices Unum Provident has been accused of include:

  • Changing policies after claims are filed without policyholder permission or knowledge
  • Using its own potentially unqualified personnel to investigate claims
  • Using independent medical examiners to purposely misread medical records
  • Forcing continuous medical exams by their own doctors
  • Denying claims without a medical exam at all
  • Refusing to acknowledge a disability as such (mental disorders, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome)
  • Claiming that the disability is the result of a pre-existing condition.
  • Trying to use denials as a means of getting the claimant to give up and accept a lower settlement
  • Only offering partial payments for total disability

If you or someone you love has had their disability insurance claim denied by Unum Provident, or if you have been accepted and then denied, our disability insurance lawyer may be able to help you recover money that you are entitled to. If you feel that your claim was denied due to bad practices, let our experienced disability insurance lawyer file your claim. There is no charge for a consultation and we will fight hard to get you every dime that you may be entitled to.