A popular blog that is written by Lina Nee posted an article on March 11 of this year, asking “Are You Aware of What You’re Signing?” Nee’s blog also urges policyholders to read insurance company authorization forms before they sign them.

Nee claims to have taken a close look at Unum’s authorizations and says that they clearly show how the insurance giant tries to get policyholder’s permission to get information from sources that can, in some cases, be in violation of state laws. Nee uses an example by posting Unum’s version (CL-1108 (5/10) and gives a list of what policyholders are letting the company have access to, including the following:

1. Health care professionals (pretty much any doctor, therapist, or medical personnel that you have seen)

2. Any and all medical providers (including hospitals, nursing homes, shelters, etc.)

3. Health plans, other insurance companies (she says Unum notifies other disability insurers of decisions it makes on your claims)

4. Credit bureaus

5. Professional licensing bodies, employers, attorneys, financial institutions and government entities (Nee says this section lets Unum have access to your files with lawyers and banks which otherwise are confidential)

Basically, Nee is letting you know that Unum’s authorizations are diving into areas of your life that they are not allowed to get information from. Nee goes on to say, “Although Unum’s authorization includes a subtle ‘threat’ stating unless you sign, and do not alter the authorization, your claim may be denied, Unum cannot deny your claim for failure to sign the provided authorization.”

If you think that your disability insurance claim was unfairly denied, or if you think that Unum may have unlawfully accessed your personal information as a means of denying your claim, contact disability insurance lawyer Greg Jones today. I am experienced in defending disability insurance claims, and will work hard to get your claim approved.