It has long been known that rapidly-flashing lights can trigger an epileptic seizure, but with all of the epilepsy medications out there — including Topamax — some people are wondering if these drugs can help prevent the seizures that are caused by TV lights.

This question comes on the heels of a recent warning provided by the Epilepsy Foundation that stated that people were having seizures while watching the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 movie. The thoughts were that a birthing scene in the movie, which features rapidly blinking lights, could cause some epileptics to experience a reprogramming of the brain neurology. The warning begged epileptic patients to avoid watching the movie altogether.

The Epilepsy Foundation has been trying to warn the public about light-induced epilepsy triggers, and they have stated before that this form of “photosensitivity” is a “significant health problem.” The foundation also asks parents to be vigilant in what kinds of media (TV, video games, movies) they let their children be exposed to. For years, it has been said that popular Anime shows also trigger seizures because of the strobe light effects the animators employ. The most common story demonstrating this was back in 1997 when almost 700 Japanese children were sent to the hospital due to seizures caused by the kids watching an episode of Pokemon.

Triggering seizures aren’t even the foundation’s biggest worry since they also believe that these different forms of media seem capable of neurologically reprogramming people in other ways, too. It’s enough to make the foundation wonder what else these triggers can do to the brain, and what, if any, medications may be able to help. While Topamax may be able to assist with the seizures, it may not be the best method of treatment for women, since Topamax has widely been known to cause birth defects in babies of women who take the drug while pregnant.

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