On April 11, major insurance company Cigna agreed to pay a large fine to North Carolina after the company was investigated by North Carolina’s insurance regulators. The investigators found out that Cigna had violated some state laws and the company agreed with their findings.

Cigna will answer to the findings by paying a $600,000 fine and refund employers almost $638,000 in premiums because the regulators found out that the company overcharged some companies for their insurance coverage between the years of 2002 to 2004. The regulator’s claims also had Cigna agreeing to hire a third-party vendor to help the company perform audits and make sure they didn’t overcharge again during the period of 2005 to 2010.

The statement that Cigna representatives made with regards to its fine said that the company “made some documentation mistakes and was unable to consistently prove how it determined premiums for some of its clients. We apologize for the problems, and we are working closely with the Dept. of Insurance to rectify this situation.”

Cigna a received a lot of bad press after lawsuits against the company charged it with handling its disability insurance benefits claims in bad faith. In fact, major insurance companies like Cigna and Unum Provident have been accused of denying legitimate disability insurance claims and unlawfully terminating others without giving policyholders any warning. These companies have also been accused of using bad tactics when investigating claims, such as hiring in-house medical examiners to refute legitimate disabilities and even bullying policyholders into giving up their claims.

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