The Consumer Justice Foundation (CJF), which exists to alert the public about the dangers of certain medications, has announced yet another alert for the public, this time about the epilepsy medication Topamax.

This new alert is warning consumers to beware of the new warning language that Topamax containers now have, drawing attention to the adverse side effect of glaucoma that is linked to the drug. This language is going to appear on the Topamax labels, and CJF is telling patients to read the label carefully before taking the drug.

In March of this year, the FDA ordered Johnson & Johnson, the makers of Topamax, to add warning language to its labels mentioning glaucoma. The language appears as follows: “A syndrome consisting of acute myopia associated with secondary angle closure glaucoma has been reported in patients receiving TOPAMAX. Symptoms include acute onset of decreased visual acuity and/or ocular pain. Ophthalmologic findings can include myopia, anterior chamber shallowing, ocular hyperemia (redness) and increased intraocular pressure. Mydriasis may or may not be present.”

It goes on to say, “This syndrome may be associated with supraciliary effusion resulting in anterior displacement of the lens and iris, with secondary angle closure glaucoma. Symptoms typically occur within 1 month of initiating TOPAMAX therapy. In contrast to primary narrow angle glaucoma, which is rare under 40 years of age, secondary angle closure glaucoma associated with topiramate has been reported in pediatric patients as well as adults. The primary treatment to reverse symptoms is discontinuation of TOPAMAX as rapidly as possible, according to the judgment of the treating physician. Other measures, in conjunction with discontinuation of TOPAMAX, may be helpful.”

Perhaps if that language was easier to read, thousands of patients wouldn’t have to develop harmful conditions caused by the drug. Topamax has long been linked to various side effects which also include birth defects in children whose mothers take the drug while pregnant. Some of those birth defect include PPHN, neural tube defects, cleft palate and heart and brain defects.

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