The Consumer Justice Foundation, which is a for-profit corporation, has published information about a recent FDA advisory panel that met to discuss the possible risks and side effects that have been linked to the type 2 diabetes medication Topamax.

The CJF is comprised of an entire team of professional consumer advocates that publish online resources (for free) which consumers can use to help them keep informed and up-to-date on the various dangers that are linked to a variety of different medications. Most recently, Topamax was a large topic of discussion for the CJF team on its website. One of the group’s recent posts mentioned a recent meeting that took place with an advisory panel at the FDA, which was held so that the drug regulators could talk about Topamax dangers and risks.

The specific dangers that the FDA panel had on its mind were Topamax’s links to birth defects in the babies of women who took the drug while pregnant. The FDA panel discussions occurred as a part of the investigations the regulators are conducting on Topamax after receiving numerous adverse events reports against Topamax that claim that the drug caused birth defects in children, including cleft palate, PPHN, and lung, heart and brain defects. The FDA Advisory Panel that the CJF mentioned got together on September 23.

The panel also decided to review Topamax labels that should mention how dangerous the drug is to babies that were exposed in utero. The results of the panel meeting haven’t been yet, but it is expected to explain whether Topamax should remain on the market or be recalled.

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