While many people think that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, some women will have a chance to prove it by buying contact lenses that are embedded with diamonds — and it’s all to raise money for Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS).

Shekhar Eye Research in India has created some new contact lenses that boast diamonds embedded in them. But this isn’t just so that they can sell the wealthy expensive eyewear: They are doing it for charity. Chandrashekhar Chawan, Shekhar Eye Research’s managing director, told reporters, “People today like wearing diamonds on their teeth, so why not in the eye.”

These custom-made lenses are for both men and women, but Chawan believes that women will likely be the biggest buyers because they are more into jewelry. As for the lenses themselves, each pair of contacts will be encrusted with 18 diamonds on a gold plate, and they are designed by Sanjay Shah of Nine Diam.

Each lens is said to be customized to each individual so none will be the same. For people who want to help raise money for Stevens-Johnson syndrome and show off a little eye bling, these lenses are a rare thing indeed, since Chawan says not many will be made.

“This is going to be exclusive as we are going to be making only 3,996 lenses,” he notes.

Each lens will come with its own certificate of authenticity for the diamonds. The profits will be used to help treat victims of SJS who would otherwise not be able to afford the treatment. SJS causes patients to suffer from vision problems and sometimes permanent blindness, so this type of charity effort just makes sense. So far, Rotary Club’s Mumbai District Chairman, B M Shivraj, has already bought a diamond embedded pair of lenses to show his support.

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