For the past 10 years, cancer has been listed as the most common cause of Unum’s long-term disability claims, according to a company report.

Even as cancer treatments are becoming far better at fighting the disease and the rates of people going back to work after receiving cancer treatments has risen, cancer still accounts for at least 14 percent of Unum’s long-term disability claims.

“Years ago, if you had cancer, you very likely weren’t coming back to work,” Robert Jacob, Unum’s director of health and productivity, says. “With advances in treatment and early detection, the questions surrounding cancer and the workplace have evolved.”

In the next three years, Unum is planning to participate in an initiative by the National Business Group on Health that will develop comprehensive resources for employers related to cancer-related benefits as well as programs in the workplace.

Jacob has said that Unum is hoping that their current expertise in managing disability and absence management would be a useful tool in the effort to build resources that may help bring people back into the workplace faster. Jacob is currently working with the NBGH on Unum’s behalf. He says that Unum has been offering its workers guidance on how they can help support other workers through their cancer diagnoses so that they can get healthy — and get back to work.

“As more people return to work after a cancer diagnosis, it becomes even more important for employers and employees to understand the role of disability coverage and effective return-to-work strategies,” Jacob adds.

This may sound great to some people, but for those who have been denied disability insurance benefits by Unum in the past, this may sound like just another way that Unum is trying to come up with ways to avoid paying long-term benefits. If Unum has denied or terminated your disability insurance benefits after you have been diagnosed with cancer, contact disability insurance attorney Greg Jones today for a free consultation. I am experienced at fighting insurance companies, and will work hard to get you the benefits that you may be entitled to.