Manute Bol was a popular NBA player who played in the league for 10 seasons. He was very dedicated to doing charity and humanitarian work in Africa. When Bol died, he was suffering from kidney problems and Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS). It is believed that the treatment that Bol received for the kidney problems directly led to him developing SJS.

Bol was at the University of Virginia Hospital in Charlottesville when he passed away. According to Tom Prichard, executive director of the group Sudan Sunrise, Bol had gone through three treatments of dialysis for his kidneys when he contracted SJS. As a result, Bol lost large patches of skin. Prichard also stated that Bol’s skin around his mouth hurt him so badly he couldn’t eat for up to 11 days and that Bol could barely speak. It was believed that Bol’s SJS was caused by a reaction he had to taking a kidney medication that he was given when he was in Africa.

Bol was in Africa doing work as an advisory board member of the Sudan Sunrise, a company that promotes reconciliation in Sudan. Bol ended up in the hospital when he was making a stopover in Washington after making one of his regular trips to the Sudan. At the time, Bol was helping to build a school with Sudan Sunrise and wound up staying longer than expected because Sudan’s President asked Bol to appear for the election so that he could potentially use his notoriety as a way to assist in removing corruption in the county. When he died, Bol was just 47 years old.

While SJS can be treated, the effects of SJS can be devastating and leave permanent damage. If you or someone you love is suffering from the effects of Stevens-Johnson syndrome, you may be eligible for compensation. Call me today for a free consultation. I will fight hard to help you get the money that you may be entitled to.