JUUL Cigarette Lawsuit Attorneys | Information on JUUL Labs Popular Vaping Device

JUUL Labs, the San Francisco based startup, has come under scrutiny of late as lawsuits have been filed against the company alleging the “illegal marketing” of its e-cigarette based products to minors. The trendy JUUL vape pen was released in June of 2015 and has since grown to take over the e-cigarette marketplace accounting for nearly 2/3 of the e-cigarette market.

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JUUL has repeatedly denied any claims relating to their alleged marketing to minors while boasting of their website’s age verification system. Dr. Robert Jackler of Stanford who is the principle investigator of tobacco advertising studies strongly disagrees. He finds reason to believe that underage visitors who were denied access to the company’s website were still placed on JUUL’s email subscription list and received promotional material related to its vape products. These marketing campaigns usually consisted of discounts of JUUL starter kits or news about new fruity flavors that were now available. Dr. Jackler still stands behind the belief that JUUL Labs targeted children and teens from the very beginning and that these targeted marketing campaigns were no mistake.


Allegations suggest that from the beginning JUUL engaged in social media campaigns designed to portray a specific image that correlates with the younger generation. On many of the social media platforms, JUUL interacts with its followers by discussing usage and posting videos of people “Juuling.” While this may seem normal for most companies utilizing social media, it is alleged that they were well aware that they were engaging with other users of the platform that were under the age of 18. Many of JUUL’s social media posts were found to have heavily emphasized the variety of flavors that were available for their popular e-cigarette device. This is the same strategy that was banned by JUUL’s predecessors in the tobacco industry as the FDA barred cigarettes characterizing flavors other than menthol as it was known that flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, etc. were appealing to teenagers. It is being alleged that the flavor strategy that was previously banned for cigarettes was being used readily to entice the younger generation to partake in “Juuling.”

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