A female employee at Cigna Healthcare Inc. has filed a lawsuit for $100 million in damages after claims that the company takes part in widespread behaviors that sexually harass female employees and encourage gender discrimination.

According to Bretta Karp’s lawsuit, filed in Boston on Thursday, Cigna often chooses male employees over females when they are looking to promote them to higher-paid positions. Karp, who hopes to turn this case into a class action, also says that Cigna pays the men more money than the women, and even goes so far as to allow sexual harassment and intimidation to take place against female employees.

Karp specifically claims that she has been denied promotions and raises even though her performance reviews were good. Karp says that if the women employees complain about how things work at Cigna, they are ignored or the company doesn’t conduct proper investigations into the claims.

This isn’t the first time a lawsuit was filed against Cigna amid accusations about its investigative practices. Cigna is one of the disability insurance companies that have been the subject of countless lawsuits filed by their policyholders who claim the company handles their disability insurance claims in bad faith. Insurance claim lawsuits against Cigna also allege that the company refuses to admit that legitimate disabilities aren’t disabilities (i.e. fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome).

Cigna has also been fighting accusations that the company hires in-house medical examiners to refute medical claims given, and even that they change insurance policies without the approval or knowledge of the policyholders. If you have been denied disability insurance by Cigna, or if your benefits have been terminated, contact disability insurance lawyer Greg Jones today for a free consultation. I am experienced at fighting disability insurance claims. Let me fight to help you get the money that you have been denied. The insurance company has lawyers working hard on its side, and so should you.