Medtronic has recently announced that it will be conducting a new clinical trial, the goal of which is to monitor high-risk AF patients with the key patient predictors that will be identified for atrial fibrillation (AF).

As part of the research, scientists will use the Reveal Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM), an implant that records the heart’s activity, in an effort to see how patients experience AF. The trial is also going to review how doctors treat AF patients after they receive their diagnosis. The goal is to see how early detection can be offered, which can make it significantly easier and safer for the patient in the long run.

“As a cardiologist, I am quite concerned about the risks and complications of atrial arrhythmias, especially thromboembolic complications of atrial fibrillation,” says Dr. Eugene Parent, attending cardiologist and director of echocardiography at the Bradenton Cardiology Center and Manatee Memorial Hospital in Bradenton. “Frequently these rhythm changes are difficult to detect. The Reveal AF study will use the Reveal ICM to detect undiagnosed atrial fibrillation in patients at high risk for thromboembolic complications and allow more effective and prompt treatment of these patients.”

This study is meant to show just how important ICMs are in helping to detect AF in the early stages, which could significantly impact the patient’s overall quality of life. AF is a condition that is caused by patients suffering from irregular heartbeats and flutters. Doctors have been searching for a treatment for AF that can safely prevent strokes and lessen the recurrence of the condition. Many patients diagnosed with AF are given prescription drugs that can prove fatal. One such medication that often has potentially fatal consequences is Multaq. Multaq has been linked to serious conditions including liver failure and a worsening of the heart condition. Most recently, the drug has been linked to lung disease and pulmonary toxicity as well.

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