While the newest fourth quarter 2010 adverse drug event report by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) specifically addresses various prescription medications that are causing life-threatening side effects, Multaq gets a special mention due to the dangers that have been linked to the drug.

This report is created based on the safety concerns surrounding the amount of adverse event reports that are sent to the FDA. While Multaq is considered an older drug, the drug’s links to liver failure keep it on the watch list, along with Chantix and Levaquin. The report is updating its information from the year 2010 and states that ISMP had 141,829 new cases of severe, disabling or deadly adverse side effects that have been reported to the FDA. This means that the adverse reporting events have increased an astounding 21 percent increase from the 117,093 cases that were reported in 2009.

The report that specifically mentioned Multaq states, “For a second time, the heart drug dronedarone (MULTAQ) has been associated with an increased risk of death in a randomized clinical trial. The manufacture (of Multaq is) Sanofi-Aventis.” It goes on to state that ISMP “announced in July 2011 that a safety monitoring board had halted a clinical trial of dronedarone in patients with permanent atrial fibrillation because of excess mortality. Also seen in that trial was an increased risk or worsening of heart failure, the signal seen most prominently in the adverse event reports as well as in an earlier clinical trial. Dronedarone has also been associated with cases of acute liver failure and reports of potentially lethal heart rhythm disorders, and it interacts with many drugs taken by the target patient population, those with paroxysmal or persistent atrial fibrillation.”

Earlier this year, Sanofi had to halt its PALLAS study when it found out that Multaq made their permanent atrial fibrillation worse and several patients died.

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