Since Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) is a disorder that is caused by a rare, yet severe allergic reaction to specific medications, it can be almost impossible to know how to prevent yourself from getting it. For each individual that gets Stevens-Johnson syndrome, it can be a different aspect of the medication that triggers SJS. While I can’t necessarily give you a foolproof method for preventing SJS, I can at least give you some common sense information that may help you to decrease your chances of getting the disease.

1. Avoid taking medications in combination with other medications whenever possible. Since SJS is caused by allergic reactions to medications, it naturally stands to reason that the more medications that you take at one time, the higher your risk becomes of taking one that you are allergic to. Also, since it might just be the combination of drugs that causes the reaction instead of each med individually, you may be able to avoid SJS altogether.

2. Keep up to date on the drugs that are most likely to cause Stevens-Johnson syndrome. You can find a complete list of the drugs here. Also, if you have taken any of these drugs recently, you may want to see a doctor if you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated

3. If you have suffered from Stevens-Johnson syndrome before, you should avoid any drugs that are in the same class as the drug that previously caused your SJS. Know that those that already had SJS or TENS are more susceptible to getting it a second time. Patients that get SJS more than once are more likely to die from the disease.

The truth is that nothing can totally prevent SJS, but the tools mentioned above can help. You should always talk to your doctor about harmful side effects from any prescription that you are before taking any medications. If you have suffered from SJS or if you have been denied a disability insurance claim because of Stevens-Johnson syndrome, contact me today for a free consultation. I might be able to help you get money for your injuries.