The Consumer Justice Foundation (CJF) has issued an alert for the public about the status conference that was held on January 6 concerning a Topamax mass tort litigation that is currently occurring in Philadelphia’s Complex Litigation Center.

A status conference is usually held as a means of giving both sides in the litigation the chance to see how the suit is progressing. Many times, these conferences are used as a means of trying to determine if there can be a settlement agreement reached between the parties, or if following through with the trial is necessary.

According to court documents, all of the plaintiffs included in the mass tort have filed Topamax lawsuits amid claims that they were not properly warned of the drug’s serious adverse side effects, including birth defects. The plaintiffs are accusing defendant Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals, the makers of Topamax, of failing to properly warn the public and healthcare professionals of the birth defect risks associated with women taking the controversial epilepsy medication while pregnant. The results of the status conference haven’t been released yet.

Plaintiffs are also alleging that because Ortho McNeil didn’t properly warn them, their children were born with various birth defects that included cleft palates, cleft lips, PPHN and heart, lung and brain defects. There are a variety of studies to verify and support the plaintiffs’ claims of how dangerous Topamax is to babies born to mothers who took the drug while pregnant. Topamax is an epileptic medication that is used to help patients prevent seizures.

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