An interesting development in service dogs — one that has gone largely unnoticed — is the advent of seizure alert dogs. These guide dogs may soon be as popular among epileptics as the seeing-eye dog is for the blind. Over the years, the seizure alert dog has gained in popularity all over the world, but not much is generally known about them or their use. Still, these particularly special service dogs can help change the lives of epileptics globally.

Seizure alert dogs help to protect their epileptic patient owners by helping them to avoid being injured during a seizure. In addition, some of them can even help to warn their charge that a seizure is looming so that they can take precautions. These dogs come in two main categories: seizure alert dogs (SADs) and seizure response dogs (SRDs).

The SADs can begin to exert their alerting behavior several seconds to 45 minutes before the seizure occurs. The alert methods used by the dog include close eye contact, circling, pawing and barking. The SRDs respond to the patients during the seizure. These dogs try to assist the patient by doing things from fetching medications and phones to getting the attention of family members.

While these dogs are specially trained to aid epileptics, more studies will still need to be conducted to find out just how effective the dogs are at predicting seizures. However, one benefit of having these dogs is that they also make great companions. That is a fact that can’t be disputed.

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