Patients suffering from certain types of epilepsy may be relieved to learn a new surgical procedure may be able to prevent major seizures, which could decrease the need for prescription medications like Topamax.

The study, which will be published in The Lancet next week, found that patients who had the surgery were less likely to have major seizures. The actual results of the study showed that after patients had the surgery, 52 percent of them didn’t have any major seizures for as long as five years. The study also found that as many as 47 percent of the patients didn’t have any more seizures as long as 10 years after the surgery.

The researchers were led by Jane de Tisi of University College London. Their findings revealed that 30 percent of the people who participated in the study don’t have to take medications like Topamax for their seizures. They also learned that the patients that had surgery on their temporal lobe were less likely to have seizures than those that had surgery on other parts of the brain. Some neurologists area saying that this study is only one of many that have been keeping track of patients for extended time periods.

This study is significant because it proves that surgery can be an effective treatment for refractory epileptics. Of the surgery, Dr. Brien Smith, chair of the board of directors of the Epilepsy Foundation, says, “Epilepsy surgery is a very appropriate option to look at once a patient has been deemed medically refractory, and neurologists should be referring more than they are. There is some argument that epilepsy surgery is one of the most underutilized procedures in the U.S.”

This study may be able to provide all of the information that people need in order to get off of their medications and avoid dealing with their deadly side effects. Topamax is one of those medications that can be deadly to some patients as it has been linked to birth defects in babies whose mothers took it while pregnant. One of those side effects includes cleft palate.

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