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Study: Catheter Ablations for AF Patients Improves HF Patient Exercise Capacity

A new study that was published online March 5, 2013 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology is suggesting that radiofrequency catheter ablations conducted on patients with AF improves the patient’s ability to exercise.

The study was conducted on AF patients suffering from heart failure (HF) and it shows that catheter ablations work in increasing the patient’s ability to exercise. The study showed that the patients that underwent the ablation had “significant improvements in peak VO2” in comparison to the patients that were treated with rate-control therapies.

“Atrial fibrillation in heart-failure patients is difficult to manage, in that they are very often resistant to drug therapy for the maintenance of sinus rhythm,” said senior investigator Dr. Tom Wong (Imperial College London, UK). “After cardioversion, they are often unable to stay in sinus rhythm. These patients are also quite symptomatic, with diminished cardiac output as a result of a loss of atrial contractility. We found a significant improvement in maximum oxygen consumption, which is a very strong predictor of mortality in patients with heart failure.”

Atrial fibrillation is a condition that is characterized by patients experiencing irregular heartbeats and fluttering heartbeats. It affects millions of people worldwide and is treated with various medications like Multaq. However, AF increases a patient’s likelihood of experiencing a stroke dramatically, and can make regular exercise almost impossible. This new study may go a long way toward helping AF patients to better control their condition with exercise — which is increasingly important as Multaq has been found to be too dangerous for use because of the side effects linked to it. Some of the serious side effects linked to Multaq include a worsening of the heart condition, liver failure, lung disease and pulmonary toxicity.

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