A new study is suggesting that a home-based treatment might alleviate seizures in epileptic women. The treatment is for depression, and has also been found to decrease suicide risks in women. This information was presented at the American Epilepsy Society’s 66th annual meeting at the San Diego Convention Center.

Depression is a common condition among epileptics. This study (which looked at results of previous studies) has shown that nearly half of epileptics experience a depression, which can lead to a major decline in their quality of life that affects them even more than seizures do. What makes this information significant is that it helps doctors understand how the family is affected by depression and epilepsy. For this study (called UPLIFT), researchers at the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University used a “revised version of a web- and phone-based method focused on preventing, rather than treating, depression.”

The study was led by Nancy Thompson, PhD, MPH, associate professor of behavioral sciences and health education. It was called UPLIFT because the goal of the study was to see if the researchers could increase the epileptic patients’ favorable thoughts, while giving them a chance to learn how to prevent depression and manage stress.

“UPLIFT is based upon mindfulness and cognitive therapy. Our findings show that, using a preventive version of UPLIFT, we are able to prevent depression, reduce seizures and improve quality of life — all at relatively low cost,” said Thompson. “A further benefit is that the materials are delivered to individuals by telephone or web, which reduces the health disparities for those with limited mobility or those living in rural areas.”

This home-based treatment may help to get rid of dangerous prescription drugs like Topamax to reduce seizures. Epilepsy is often treated with dangerous anti-seizure drugs like Topamax, which is linked to babies being born with birth defects — including PPHN, oral clefts, spina bifida and neural tube defects —when the mothers take the pills while pregnant.

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