According to a new study, recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers in Denmark have not found a link between Lamictal, Trileptal and birth defects. What this could mean is that these two anti-seizure medications may be a great deal safer for women to use while pregnant. Alternative medications like Topamax and Depakote have been linked to babies born with birth defects (oral clefts, neural tube defects and PPHN) when they are taken during a pregnancy.

This study was conducted by researchers observing information from 1,532 infants that had been exposed to a variety of different anti-seizure medications during pregnancy. This study found that 49 (3.2 percent) of the babies were born with birth defects. This is significant because babies that are born with severe birth defects only occur in 2.4 percent of the population generally. While the information on drugs like Topamax didn’t offer enough information for researchers in this particular study to render an opinion about the drug’s association to birth defects, the researchers did manage to find that Lamictal and Trileptal didn’t seem pose additional risk.

Topamax lawsuits have been filed after the drug was proven to cause a significant increase in birth defects and the FDA issued a warning about the drug on March 4. The warning contained information about the risk of oral clefts and this information was added to the drug’s label.

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