According to a study performed by McGill University researchers, the cause of an inherited type of epilepsy, double-cortex syndrome, has been discovered. This form of epilepsy mostly affects women and is caused by a mutation in the X chromosome. This study is going to be published in the journal Developmental Cell.

Drs. Susanne Bechstedt and Gary Brouhard used an advanced microscope to find out just how these mutations cause a malformation in the brain of humans. During in-utero development, new brain cells form deep inside the brain near the center. The cells then move out of the “niche” that they started in and move toward the edges of the brain. This area is called the cerebral cortex (the spot responsible for intelligent thought and cognition). When girls develop a mutation in the X chromosome, this brain cell migration doesn’t occur. Instead of cells moving toward the brain’s edges, they pile up on top of one another, which cause a double cortex to develop. It is this occurrence that causes the seizures.

While understanding the cause of genetic epilepsy may go a long way in finding the right treatment for the condition, drugs like Topamax will likely remain as a treatment. However, for those women who are affected by this particular form of genetic epilepsy, it is wise for them to understand the side effects linked to the drug. Some of the side effects linked to Topamax include birth defects in babies exposed to the drug in-utero. Some of those birth defects linked to Topamax include PPHN, oral clefts, neural tube defects and heart, lung and brain defects.

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