A new study is suggesting that those patients who are receiving long-term, steady-dose Warfarin and are having stable international normalized ratios (INRs) for a period of at least 6 months are safe waiting for as long as 12 weeks before getting more dose assessments.

During the study, which has been published in an article by the Annals of Internal Medicine on November 15, the researchers discovered that the 12-week interval did not worsen matters when it came to helping patients maintain the INR in the therapeutic range. The current recommended interval is 4 weeks.

“Most patients would appreciate the prospect of less frequent visits to the laboratory for INR monitoring,” said Sam Schulman, MD, PhD, from the Thrombosis Service, Hamilton Health Sciences-General Hospital, Ontario, Canada.

This study proves that how often patients have to assess their Warfarin doses can be drastically reduced, say the coauthors of the study. That said, they also believe that additional studies corroborating their findings are necessary. Still, this news may help to reduce patients’ costs in paying for their Warfarin doses and lab work. In fact, Rebecca J. Beyth, MD, from the University of Gainesville, Florida, and C. Seth Landefeld, MD, from the University of California, San Francisco, agree, noting that if subsequent studies further demonstrate the safety of prolonging the interval between INR monitoring, the hassle and cost of Warfarin therapy may be substantially reduced.

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