According to a new study that was published online in the Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, taking the antiepileptic drug sodium valproate during pregnancy can increase the child’s chances of being born with autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions.

For this British study, researchers analyzed data collected from 528 pregnant women between the years 2000 and 2004 in northwestern England who had epilepsy and were treated with sodium valproate (Depakote) and other anti-seizure medications. Researchers then followed up with the women three and six years after the births of their children and learned that 19 of the children had been diagnosed with some sort of neurodevelopmental disorder by the time they were six years old. Three of those kids were also born with a physical abnormality. Researchers also found that 12 of the children were diagnosed with autism.

What this study basically showed is that the children born to mothers who were taking Depakote were more likely to develop the neurodevelopmental conditions than the children born to mothers who were taking other drugs. The fact is that many epileptic drugs are harmful to children exposed to it in-utero. One other type of drug that is known to cause serious side effects is Topamax. Topamax has been linked to babies being born with birth defects including PPHN, oral clefts, spina bifida and neural tube defects when the mothers take the pills while pregnant. So far, it seems that there are not many anti-seizure medications that are not dangerous to take while pregnant. More searching will have to be conducted if scientists are going to be able to help epileptic women during pregnancy.

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