A 39-year-old Taiwanese woman, Lin Yu Shan, has become the first patient in Singapore to receive the KPro eye implant after she suffered from blindness in both eyes from developing Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS).

The surgery took place at The Eye & Cornea Transplant Centre (TECTC), a subsidiary of Singapore Medical Group. Lin Yu Shan was blinded in both eyes after contracting SJS four years ago. As a way of treating her blindness, she underwent a complex surgical procedure that used a Boston Keratoprosthesis (Boston KPro) combined with a reconstruction of her ocular surface with an amniotic membrane. The woman’s entire eye was reconstructed and the KPro device acts as a replacement cornea.

KPro surgery is a very specialized and complicated procedure that can only be properly performed by a limited number of surgeons in the world. Previously, Lin Yu Shan had 3 operations in her right eye and 2 operations in the left eye in an effort to scrape off the scar tissue. Those surgeries didn’t work and instead made her condition worse. She was desperate when she went to Singapore to try the KPro.

Dr. Leonard Ang, the only ophthalmologist in Singapore, decided that the KPro surgery was the best chance the woman had to save her eyes and get her vision back. He did the surgery in January of this year. Within a week the woman regained sight for the first time in her right eye. She is doing well after two months.

KPro is a last resort for many patients suffering from Stevens-Johnson syndrome. SJS is a rare disease that causes the body to burn from the inside out. It is characterized by painful blisters forming all over the body, skin peeling off in large patches and even death. SJS can leave patients with permanent blindness like in Lin Yu Shan’s case.

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