When 18-year-old Michael Windley developed SJS after suffering from an aneurism during a flight to California, he lost his vision because of the condition. But a recent surgery to restore the boy’s vision has proven successful.

Windley suffered from an aneurysm while taking a flight to California on March 21. The trip was intended to take Michael and his championship basketball team to Disneyland. Instead, Windley was sent to Stanford Hospital and he has been there since. On the same day, Windley had to have open-heart surgery and it was during his recovery that the doctors found out that he had Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

The boy went into a coma and had blisters all over his skin. Patches of his skin were peeling off and he was left blind. However, Windley underwent surgery to correct his vision and so far things are looking good for the boy. A friend of the boy’s mother, Crystal Finau, says, “We won’t know for sure for two or three weeks, but the damage wasn’t as extensive as they had anticipated. They said it was very successful.”

Finau met Windley’s mother Nanette at the hospital when she helped the woman set up a bank account so that she could accept donations that would help the family pay for the boy’s treatment. Finau did this when she heard of the mother’s financial problems and was moved to help.

Stevens-Johnson syndrome is a potentially fatal disease that causes the victims to burn from the inside out. It can leave a patient permanently blind and scarred. If you or someone you love has suffered from Stevens-Johnson syndrome, contact SJS attorney Greg Jones today for a free consultation. I am experienced at fighting for SJS victims and may be able to help you recover money for your medical costs.